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64 oz Cajun or Grandma Chow Chow  
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32 oz Cajun or Grandma Chow Chow  
32 oz Hot Mama Catsup  
32 oz Chocolate Sauce  
32 oz BBQ Sauce  
16 oz Cajun or Grandma Chow Chow  
16 oz Hot Mama Catsup  
16 oz Chocolate Sauce  
16 oz BBQ Sauce  
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1/2 Pint Hot Mama Catsup  
1/2 Pint Chocolate Sauce  
1/2 Pint BBQ Sauce  

From Gourmet Mj's BBQ sauce maker comes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to grill. This signature samples includes 12 of our masterpieces, including two sauces (Plum & Habanero,  Hot Mama Catsup or Peach) ~ (Cajun and Grandma's Chow Chow). Each sauce is 100% natural and can be order gluten-free.

If you love a good sauce, you'll love gift basket! 


 The Signature Fruit Sample: Our signature BBQ sauces ~ Blueberry, Mango & Chipotle, Plum & Habanero, Apricot & Cachaca, Peach and Blackberry & Chipotle 4oz or 8oz

8oz 12 Pack $40.00  or 8oz 6 Pack $25.00 - 4oz 12 Pack $25.00 - 4oz 6 Pack $15.00

The Signature Chocolate Lover Sample: Our signature Big Girl Chocolate Sauce ~  Strawberry, Hazelnut, Coffee, Orange Liqueur, Cherry Brandy and Chocolate 8oz- 4oz each

 The Signature Grand Sample: Our signature Hot Mama Catsup, Cajun Chow Chow, Grandma's Chow Chow, Cherry & Chipotle,Jack Daniels and Bourbon BBQ Sauce 8oz-4oz each

16 - 8oz Pack $50.00  or 16 - 4oz Pack $40.00 

Cajun Chow Chow, Chocolate Sauces, Hot Mama Catsup &  BBQ Sauces   


When l started spending hours in their kitchen trying to make the perfect seasonal fruit barbecue sauce, chocolate sauce and spicy katsup they had no idea their efforts would put into what came out of this love for sauces.

When we gave these sauces away as gifts, I was asking people for evaluations of the sauces. "Everyone said, 'Don't change a thing.' Some people were asking us if they could buy some of the  bbq sauce. So we were loading it into empty 16-ounce soda bottles and sending it home with them." Now the next step is selling these great sauces to you!


Pork Kabobs with Blueberry BBQ Sauce



Gourmet Mj's BBQ Sauce Selections

Big JD

Pomegranate & Chipotle


Tenn Whiskey

Cherry & Chipotle

Apple & Roasted Jalapeno




Smoke'in Hot

Mango & Chipotle


Plum & Habanero





Blackberry & Chipotle

Apple & Pear

Raspberry & Chipotle

Pear & Habanero

Apricot & Cachaca


Smoke Paprika & Jalapeno


Asian Marinade 

Herb Marinade

Sweet & Spicy Marinade

Beef Lover's Marinade

Green Lightning Hot Sauce

Mango Buffalo Wing Sauce


Big Girl Chocolate Sauce

Orange Liqueur

Cherry Brandy

 Coffee Liqueur

Hazelnut Liqueur

Marshmallow Vodka

Irish Cream Liqueur

and Hot Mama Catsup, Chow Chow, Cajun Chow Chow or Mango Buffalo Wings Sauce 

1/2  Pint ~ $3.50

16oz ~$9.00

32oz ~ $25.00

64oz~ $35.00

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BBQ sauce can be made Gluten Free

We will ship your order ~ Email us your order selections; after you make your payment online


Your order will arrive within 2 - 5 days

Cherry Brandy Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream



Cajun Chow Chow 


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